Monday, December 17, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Special Edition

Today I am not going to talk about myself.

Today I am going to give credit to the most spectacular man I have ever met.

Today I am going to say thank you to the man who has always kept his promises.

To the man who has always spoken to me in facts, and not in words.

I know he is reading my blog from time time.

I know he will recognize himself and I hope he will smile.

We met in special circumstances and this is how our relationship has stayed for more than a decade: special.

He saw me in my strong moments, but also in my weak ones.

He saw me beautiful and not so beautiful.

He watched over me, without judging. Instead he was guiding me with his silence and his deeds.

We don't talk much nowadays, but when we do, each and every word has heaviness.

He is the rock, which never asks for anything in return.

He is the only one who "fixed" things for me, exactly at the right moment.

Because he believed in me from day 1. Unconditional.

Because I believed in him from day 1. Also unconditional.

Because he is exactly how a man should be. Strong, objective, but also sensitive and deep.

Because he is the only one who can look into my eyes, while shameful and hurtful tears are shed.

And because he knows how to smile and tell me without words that everything will be just fine.

Because he cares. Genuinely.

And because he has always known to accept my love and respect with the elegance of a gentleman.

I look up to him. I will always do. Because he is really a Man.

Thank you, Angel.

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