Saturday, December 15, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Day 15

Not even 10 days have passed since I told you one of the possible options: let me imagine you died.

Outraged, you asked me: how can you think of such an extreme solution? Can't we be just friends?

Couple of days later, who was the extreme exterminator?

Without even having a decent, polite good-bye?

Just because you were threatened?

If you consider yourself tough, why don't you tell your friends, your family and the world what you did?

I give you this chance. By the end of December.

And you will spare me of the effort.

Trying my new blender.


I unfriended  you several days back. It wasn't enough.

You blocked me. AGAIN without a proper Social Media reason.

This time I will file an official complaint.

I do not accept cheap and hurting gestures imposed by a total stranger, who better takes some spelling classes.

As a matter of fact, ANY classes.

The countdown began.

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