Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Day 4

The yesterday later never came.

Just a sordid and unconvincing excuse.

When the dawn was cracking the sky and I was fumigating the room.

The black hen which was trying to steal what was mine ended up in a cage.

The nightmare turned into a dream with white high-heeled pumps and lots of colorful gems.

The landlord is back, so is the plumber. Next week.

Discovering I can handle myself in making appointments in my not so cool German.

GIFT equals POISON. This was the perfect candy.

The pain in the middle of the brain spinning and screwing my eyeballs.

Giggling when reading most stupid stuff ever.

Invisible to many.

A warm country possibly no longer just a dream.

An opening.

Still waiting based on the last shreds of respect.

Love is just a theory. And a very bad one.


Shakti_Shetty said...

Kya baat hai! ... gift and poison... German and Hindi!

Moniiiiiiiiiiiiiii... keep poeting.

Thais said...

Shaktiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...listeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn.... :D German, and Hindi, and Spanish, and French, and English, and Romanian, and Italian...should I continue? Oh wait and a bit of krasivaia Russian. Impossible without it. ;)

For the record this is no poetry... mere facts... ordinary ones...the mundane...but yesh... very much Monish. :-*