Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Day 18

Peak of nausea. Sartre would have been proud of me.

When evil is not around, waters are calmer, though boiling deep down.

Cringing at lack of time.

The rising pressure of Christmas holidays.

Each second passing by... an effort similar to the ones I believe only a woman in labor can experience.

When you feel that your entire body collapses, but you are screaming for life.

Doing something out of nothing.


People getting even more insane.

Shutting down the engines of anger.

Ignoring the world problems. And not because I don't care. But because I can't anymore.

I have become a ball of pain hiding inside my own bigger ball of pain. A "mise en abime" torment.

Loss outbursts and tearing in the corners.



"Cinematic" fantasies.

The made promise shall be kept.


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