Sunday, December 16, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Day 16

Again one of those dreams where I could touch you.

Where you were waiting for me.

And only me and you know how incredibly well you master the waiting.

If my connection with you hadn't been that strong, most probably I would have remained in the dream.

Life though, more specifically the phone, pulled me off paradise.

I thanked to my sisters in nature who listened to my plea.

Because a plea coming from a pure heart always finds its way to our ancestors.

Filing official complaints.

Pizza and green salad.

The mask.

My best friend's reassuring words. Her sarcasm and understanding, in spite of calling me crazy for accepting this crappy situation.

For showing too much understanding.

"Burn down the mother fuckers. Who cares about the mess you will swim in? I will be here with you all the way."

Molding the hatred into love for myself and for the one who died.

Filling the emptiness with more emptiness.

I understood that the world as I knew was no more.



Solomon said...

Amazing, magical, harry potter kinda feeling :)


Thais said...

@Solomon Oh boy... When I receive such comments, my decision to delete the older stories starts to falter. Thank you dearly. :)