Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 6.

A night of one-sided confessions. Tough ones. On that frail edge which slips into madness and desperation.
When you hang on things with the horrific anticipation that nothing can be done anymore.
When hope becomes a measure of craziness.
Hey... Hey... Break it... Break it... Break it down!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 5.

Lots of turmoil in this one.
The library seemed like a perfect place for reading a letter about being small and insignificant.
The endearing wave of cheerful memories when you still could smile.
Then the empty big jars ready to be filled up.
The red and sparkling diamond-shaped wound.
The two ants running away.
Trying to break the chain made by warriors.

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 4.

The two fortresses of Mtri and Ptri. You tell me what they are.
Your stubborn profile. The determination to continue.
The solitude.
O to kara go heyo. I think the cry crossed at least three oceans and back.
The three parallel lines mark on the right cheek. Long, short, long again.
Does it mean anything?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 3.

Dead like sleep. Much needed after the last days of complicated internal travels.
Still... The Osaka moment was running in the background like an annoying mosquito.
The 'o' in a love like this.
Kneeling crushed in the sea waves.
The need to be worshiped one more time.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 2.

The annoying pain in the left leg tibia.
All your songs in a big white box.
No people around.
The byte mark on the right cheek.
The obsessive dorangada in the background.
Can it get more bizarre than this? 

Dream Journal - KHJ

Finally the channels opened up. The charity setting kind of puzzled me. Your presence, of course not. I called you and you came. The power of dreams world is still... unbreakable. Though...why the comforting arms of the Prince? And the protecting blanket?
What are you trying to tell me? Your story?
What am I trying to tell you? My story?

To be continued...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dream Journal - episode 1

I don't remember where it was. An unknown city for sure, with a mix of mountains and beaches. With a weird hotel with long corridors and tall doors, like in old high schools. Everything placed in an airplane that was going to Australia. 

Here I had lost my bag and I was supposed to speak in a seminar. And I found you waiting in a train coach. Sitting straight and without blinking. My heart skipped a bit. 

At first you refused talking to me. But then you turned toward me and knelt down. I mimicked your gesture.

And you started scolding me saying that you missed kissing me like in the past, when I rejected you (which I don't, if we remember both correctly). And then you said you left because I was taking Kathy and your mother away from you . (I wonder who Kathy is.)

I cupped your cheeks in my palms and locked my lips with yours and we started weeping. I told you that everything was a misunderstanding. A huge one. 

We hugged tight and neighbor popped out of thin air saying she needed to stay there with her child. And you left.

I woke up missing you so much.