Monday, July 16, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 52, 53, 54

Crowds, crowds and more crowds.
Also the boys coming as groups now. In block. Every night.
Local stars too screaming about your soon to be presence.
Turmoil. Clouds running in the sky.
The isolation again. Which is quite explainable.
Dogs, many of them, too.
Like a big chaotic party.
Also... the mischievous part of yours. The mean one, too.
Expecting the angry one, soon.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 51.

A dream with astronauts. Brain camera zooming in your face through the thick glass of the visor. Smiling brightly.
Fever. Damped sheets. 
Shooing everybody out.
Long hours of struggle. 
And finally rising up on a rotating podium. In sparkling dark blue. 
Confident like never before. 
Understanding what is important.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 50.

Wow... So this is how perfect blank looks like. Scary.
You were drowning in a transparent mass.
I pulled you out with great difficulty.
Suffocating feeling.
You didn't see anything.
Then the obsessive white one more time. Long carpets, long drapes, long blankets.
A phone number I don't remember.
Startling when signing.
The flash of recognition.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 48 and 49.

Casual encounters. Small talks.
A perfect close-up. With your unique smile. Leaning a bit. Unexpectedly, I didn't hyperventilate.
Then the ceiling of my bedroom gorgeously painted with you. Waking up with my eyes in your eyes.
Some moments of isolation. Reading between the lines.
Listening to my requests, too.
And again the stack of white papers.
Patting them easily and asking me when we should start.
Unusual smells coming from nowhere.
Discovering new things.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 47.

I was visited by my own shaman apparently. He was surrounded by mist and smoke, dressed in the right outfit.
He insisted that you are not you. And that it is not meant to be.
But that we will be very good friends.
Instead, he told me that O is the one. Dressed in blue.
Is this why the shining boys also come to me constantly? 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 46.

As much as this is a journal that I write to myself, which most probably nobody reads, the few last nights included things that cannot be either described or presented. Not even in the usual cryptic mode.
Also others are pushing their ways constantly. Not that I mind, but still...
Overall... the fear of new beginnings.
And my bathroom, the space which constantly shows signs of bugs in the Matrix.
Otherwise, small things are coming my way, teasing me rather uncomfortably.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Dream Journal - KHJ. Day 45.

Again the four shiny boys in da house, as they say.
All smiling and telling me that they will wait.
But... but... but...but...
We know, but we will be waiting as long as it takes.
A big painting made by you, wrapped up nicely with a green ribbon.
Then a Ming vase. No flowers for now you said.
And then...a splitting crowd in a square market.
Leaves on the pavement. Emerald green.