Saturday, February 1, 2014

Poisonous People

I have never believed in the motivational mumbo jumbo and in stuff like be positive and you will get positive. Nope.
But I do believe in evil. And darkness. And bad, poisonous people. Do whatever you can, to stay away from them!
I know they are not always easily to spot. Sometimes they steal 4-5 years of your life before you could do anything in this regard.

Listen to your instincts. Don't push at the back of your thoughts the unpleasant tingling that warns you from time to time.

Do they seem too good to be true? It won't last. The first mistake they will make will be a big one. And you will tend to say..."Everybody makes mistakes. It won't happen again". It will. And they will force you to find excuses for the mud they spit on you.

If two of your other friends raised at least one time their eyebrows about a situation you and the bad people were in, you have a "winner".

Check your health and your energy levels regularly . If you register signs of deterioration in any of these, you definitely have evil people in your life. Who are very close to your heart and to your soul. The more you give to them, the more they take from you, without giving back anything to you. Except small portions of poison.

Will you lift their spirits up, but they never do this in return for you? Bingo.

Do you feel sad, without an apparent reason? It's your defense mechanism yelling at you to look around.

Do you feel like crying, again without a proper reason? It's your brain struggling to get into the "fight and run" mode, so you can save yourself from the irreparable damage.

Listen to their laugh. If it always stops at the throat level, an alarm flag should slap your face. This is maybe the most subtle sign that you have in your life a walking killing machine that eats you up.

Ultimately, take a step back once in a while and be honest to yourself. Do those people you love and care for... really deserve your love and care? Analyze the facts. Listen to your guts.

Do not ignore the tiniest, smallest doubt. It might save you from years of sorrow and illness.