Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Open letter to God

Dear God,

You know I haven't been among the best of your supporters and believers, but in my sincere and honest way  I carried you all along inside me.

You know I haven't been the wisest, but I did ponder over things and I tried to act in such a way nobody was hurt.

You know I haven't been the most beautiful (far from it actually), but I did my best to be a pleasant presence wherever I went.

You know I haven't been the smartest, but I have never stopped learning and forcing my limits.

You know VERY WELL I haven't been the luckiest, but this motivated me to work even harder.

You know I haven't been the wittiest, but I have always tried to make people laugh.

You know I haven't been the most generous, but every person I loved felt like a king or a queen around me.

You know I haven't been the most pious one, but I have tolerated with an open heart all the people around me, no matter the creed or sexual orientation.

You know I haven't been perfect, but I have always tried to give back something good.

Well, dear God, I am tired.

It's time for you to do something as well.

Because so far I have received from your children only deception, rejection, cheating and betrayal. As a bonus, you gave me sickness. In body, spirit and heart.

And not one single moment of happiness.

All the "positive" aspects have always stayed under the sword edge.

Every time things seemed ok, I knew it was just for a brief second.

And I am fed up with it.

Be a sport and prove me I was wrong all along.

Give me a chance to say thank you. With love.


Tanya said...

Even though I don't believe there is a God, I do believe that good things happen to good people. When you've braved it all for so long, don't give up now. I am sure something happy, something that you truly deserve, is just around the corner.


Thais said...

@Tan :) I don't expect anything actually. But I would love to see there is some balance in the fabric of the universe. I am a crack in it that needs to be fixed. Thanks as always awesomeness. :)

Pallav said...

somtimes all you have to do is ask :D

Thais said...

@Pallav Well, I asked this time. Officially. In written. :P

ayswarya babu said...

Hey there,

Totally loved this one.. Its nice really.. especially loved the last second last sentence, be a sport one.. :)

God is a funny guy that much i can tell you!!

Keep writing..


Thais said...

@Ash I have big doubts about God being a funny guy. And actually that he has any sense of humor. Random venom, yes. Random injustice, yes. But its his turn to prove me wrong and show me that the decades of delays had some higher purpose.