Monday, February 18, 2013

Of "love", real love and the other side of the coin

I have earned my right to talk about a feeling people use too easily to describe what they go through.

Age, personal experience, stories of close and not so close friends, a fair amount of relationships, times of despair and "happiness", thousands of words read and written do not make me an expert, but they give me the confidence to evaluate and define what love is.

It is generally believed that the base of any relationship is love. Once this ends from various reasons, it goes into oblivion, taking forms like friendship, indifference, or forgetfulness. All based on the survival processes like "letting go", "moving on" and other inventions of sort that Internet articles and friends talk SO love to highlight in moments of "soul crisis".

If that is the case, I am sorry to wake you up, but you have not been in love. You experienced infatuation, ego enhancements, crushes, lust, mutual interest or fear of loneliness relationships. So accept the truth and stop talking about love.

Real love cannot die. Real love goes on infinitely, as in a perpetuum mobile, feeding itself on its own energy. Real love stays inside you and one cannot fight it with wise stories, advises or self-control. Real love is an overwhelming power that cannot be tamed by anything. Real love kills you every second and gives you birth every second, too.

Then, the big question comes. What happens when real love is betrayed, hurt, mocked at, despised or shattered by the counterpart?

In exceptional cases, it manages to keep flowing as a positive stream of feelings. I personally have never met anything like that. But I don't deny the possibility.

Most of the times though it turns into an equally powerful universal intangible machine, and that is hatred. And as real love keeps growing with time, the same it happens with hate.

And while real love comes with incredibly crazy and romantic gestures that can make anybody cry with happiness, hatred comes with a tool to be feared: revenge. On a long term. Until the possessed one dies.

Avoid real love if you are not prepared for the other side of the coin.


Anonymous said...

If only one could control falling in 'real' love. If only one could speculate the worst on the other side. Sigh! You express ever so beautifully.

Thais said...

@Aru Thank you much awesomeness. Well, I am just doing my duty, as a person who knows the other side of the coin. And the duty is to make people aware of the dark side, too. They need to be prepared, if by chance they fall for real love.

KoE said...

Congratulations on a great new post! of the comment in mail. Hehehe

Thais said...

@KoE :) Thanks a lot. As for the rest of the mail, I need to highlight something well put. Yes, the source of hatred is the great love. The more the love, the more the hatred. Second, a punch in the face would really make me laugh. :D