Saturday, July 28, 2012

The new normal...until it lasts

I wake up, as always, not welcoming the sunshine, but the bitterness in my soul.
You already have breakfast chit-chatting with whoever is around.

I crawl to my coffee machine with an empty look.
You surf the Internet and laugh about the latest posts on Facebook.

I smoke my lungs out, trying to decide if I stare at the walls or do the laundry.
You take a bath and groom yourself.

I move from the living to the bedroom, standing still near the bed.
You turn on your ipod and leave your home.

I keep staying near the empty bad.
You walk with enthusiasm and happiness is flowing from every step you make.

I go to the bathroom to watch myself into the mirror. Too ugly a vision.
You smile and your heart is beating faster.

I come back into the living and check my emails. I wish I could call my mom, but I can't.
You take the train and your smile is even bigger. 

I go into the small kitchen and make myself smaller in a corner on the cold tiles.
You arrive at the destination and your body and soul are in peaceful harmony.

I manage to stand up and search for another corner to hide and find a reason to breath.
Your entire being is now reacting with thrills when seeing the object of your desire.

I finally let out a mute cry that could break all the glass in the world.
You make love and forget about anything.

I repeat the process.
You keep having fun.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is not about you loving me as much as I love you.
This is not about me giving everything, while you refraining from giving back.
This is not about me fighting with the world, while you waiting for a "fitting" life.
This is not about me crawling from one day to another, while you watching with pity.
This is not about me coming to a dead end, while you choosing among several paths.
This is not about me bleeding for the rest of my life, while you walking smiling.
This is about the small moments you stubbornly refused to give. Not to me. To us.

I shall never be able to arrange the collar of your shirt.
I shall never be able to make you a tea during the cold nights.
I shall never feel your hand helping me to jump over a puddle on a rainy day.
I shall never be able to watch you from the bathroom door, while you are shaving.
I shall never feel the ticking of your heart, while you are taking a nap.
I shall never hear you smacking your lips, while you are eating the food I cooked for you.
I shall never throw the slippers after you for leaving them in the middle of the room.
I shall never see you smiling, while I am doing my funny faces.
I shall never feel the the sand and the waves of the ocean together with you.
I shall never share a chocolate with you.
I shall never run after you because you forgot your earphones.
I shall never steal the remote control just to have your attention.
I shall never be able to buy you a beer on my way home.
I shall never be able to smell your perfume in the morning and roll my eyes with pleasure.
I shall never be able to be by your side, when life sucks.
I shall never have my tears wiped by your fingers.

Regrets that will always live in my heart and will tear me apart.

Friday, July 13, 2012


This is my take in tonight #55wordstory project initiated by @vivekisms some time ago and presented by me in a previous post. Enjoy and judge it. :D

Tongue felt cold and hot in the same time.

Lips were shining oily with sweetness.

Throat was singing with moans of pleasure.

Suddenly the buttery cornucopia got smaller.

Greed had just emptied it.

Last drops were slowly sliding down the valley.

I screamed.

My dress had been ice-creamed.