Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Special edition II

In a turn of unexpected events, which are not very clear to me and it's not in my intention to find them out, I decided to write to you, my special friend.

Forced or not, imposed or not, real or not, there are strong reasons that will separate us from now on at every possible level.
At first sight though.

Leaving aside the initial frustrations, anxiety, bewilderment, sadness, I realized that nothing would actually severe our bond. Because memories, deeds, and the incredible powerful words (but also beautiful silences) exchanged between us will always be strong.

May is the month we met. 15 years later, May is the month when a cycle ended. We enter different stages of our lives and it's all right. And if you are happy, I am happy. If you are comfortable, I am comfortable. If you are at peace, I am at peace.

Who cares about the completely opposite cardinal points? Our souls and thoughts can travel millions of miles in a blink of an eye. Whether we like it or not.

I wish you all the best my dear special friend.

As always, my first good morning will be for you.
In my mind.

As always, my last good night will be for you.
In my dreams.  

Be good, and fight hard for your happiness.
I will be here to clap.
From the distance.