Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Happies endings"

All's well that ends well. Though Shakespeare's play title seems to be more appropriate for movies, sometimes life reminds us to stay tight and wait for the best to happen. Because "the happies endings" can take you by surprise and let you as exhausted and perplexed as in a bad outcome situation.
Instead of jumping around with exhilaration, you just watch in dumb awe. And the moment perishes and you cannot live it again, at least not with the same intensity. And then you wonder why the hell you lost hope and why you did not let Universe do its job at its own pace.
Lets receive things as they come, handle them with care and calm, accept the inevitable, pray to find strength and even in the worst case scenario, be also prepared for the positive results, as they can, too, blow your mind if unexpectedly hit you.
Don't miss the chance to taste the sweetness and the blessings of "happies endings".
PS. "Happies endings" also announce my next post which was so much time delayed. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups

First let me give credit to my Twitter friend @farhanmasood for the title of this blog post. Your tweet came to the precise moment. :)
We always make assumptions.
Jews - they run the world from backstage because they have loads of golden coins. Muslims - they are the leading terrorists because they are cruel and fanatic. Christians - they are bigots, because they go to church, but stab you behind your back. Hindus - they are weird, poor and they live among mice, because this is what we saw on a damn youtube vid.
Lawyers - they are sharks, because they dare put you in jail, after charging you big time. Politicians - they are corrupted because they build palaces with the money from the taxes you pay. Rockers and bikers - they are to be banned, because they worship Devil. Advertisers - they suck because they play with your mind. Homosexuals - they have to be punished because they are against the nature.
Says who? (sic!)
All of the above are pure assumptions built up in time due to unfortunate occurrences, prejudices and lack of knowledge and information.
On a smaller personal level we proceed in the same way. This colleague is stupid, because she/he cannot send a fax. She is a whore because she slept with several guys. He is an opportunist, because he offered himself to work more. She is a bitch, because she did not admire my new dress. He is a goof, because he married with the bitch in the previous sentence. He is a part of a conspiracy because he does not give you the same amount of attention.
Stop judging. Gather information. Know all the details. Check different sources. Wait and have patience. Do not make assumptions as you can get yourself in the most fucked-up situation.
Repairing the consequences and healing the wounds might cost you more than you have imagined.

Friday, July 10, 2009

One of those days...

This has been one of those days when everything announced a normal Friday...catching up with friends, watching movies, reading, enjoying the simple browsing over the Internet, laughing at stupid things...
And hits you...a short conversation on messenger with someone you dearly care about goes completely wrong, while you are totally unprepared. Out of the blue the misery is all over you. You feel helpless, as you are not given the chance to find out what your mistake was.
And you start imagining things that might not be true at all. You start blaming yourself for something you do not clearly understand. You let yourself overwhelmed by an artificial guilt which can turn you upside-down and which begins eating you inside like a hungry rodent.
All of a sudden your self-esteem is down and the world has nothing to offer you anymore. You simply wish to vanish. Then the worst thing happens: self-pity. The ugliest soul torture. Worthy of despise feeling.
Human beings are that fragile. Words are fearful weapons. Beware.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lord Ganesh in a Chinese potato

I have always had a thing for movies that receive bad feedback both from critics and audience. That was the case with "Chandni Chowk to China", a Nikhil Advani movie, featuring Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Chia Hui Lui and Roger Yuan. I postponed watching it until last night, when I was in enough good mood to swallow any aberration.

Believe it or not, the flick managed to make me smile several times though it is a failure indeed. And I still wonder why, as it could have been a good commercial movie. The plot is clicheic, but afterall we all engage in the stories where the goofy, pathetic hero goes through an initiation process in order to get his revenge or to become the savior of the world. The fighting scenes are well done, even if exaggerated, but let’s not forget that for more rocambolesque jumps through the trees, "Crouching tiger hidden dragon" took an Oscar. Akshay is doing his best not to cross the line into the ridicule acting, Deepika, as the evil twin, is a pleasure for the eye with her almost manga look, Roger Yuan is so cute speaking Hindi... The cinematography, the editing, the soundtrack are all why all the money spent in such a super-production did not prove worthy? Why the two different nations combination did not work as it should?

The potential for a truly good comedy was huge. Remember Rush Hour? Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan's charismas were mind-blowing and highly entertaining. This is what "Made in China" (informal alternative title) lacks: the chemistry between the Hindi and Chinese actors. It was too soon to mix things at such huge level. Maybe with a smaller production in first place would have prepared better the audiences.

Lord Ganesh could not find the magic way to reveal himself through a Chinese potato. Yet.