Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Happies endings"

All's well that ends well. Though Shakespeare's play title seems to be more appropriate for movies, sometimes life reminds us to stay tight and wait for the best to happen. Because "the happies endings" can take you by surprise and let you as exhausted and perplexed as in a bad outcome situation.
Instead of jumping around with exhilaration, you just watch in dumb awe. And the moment perishes and you cannot live it again, at least not with the same intensity. And then you wonder why the hell you lost hope and why you did not let Universe do its job at its own pace.
Lets receive things as they come, handle them with care and calm, accept the inevitable, pray to find strength and even in the worst case scenario, be also prepared for the positive results, as they can, too, blow your mind if unexpectedly hit you.
Don't miss the chance to taste the sweetness and the blessings of "happies endings".
PS. "Happies endings" also announce my next post which was so much time delayed. :)