Friday, July 10, 2009

One of those days...

This has been one of those days when everything announced a normal Friday...catching up with friends, watching movies, reading, enjoying the simple browsing over the Internet, laughing at stupid things...
And hits you...a short conversation on messenger with someone you dearly care about goes completely wrong, while you are totally unprepared. Out of the blue the misery is all over you. You feel helpless, as you are not given the chance to find out what your mistake was.
And you start imagining things that might not be true at all. You start blaming yourself for something you do not clearly understand. You let yourself overwhelmed by an artificial guilt which can turn you upside-down and which begins eating you inside like a hungry rodent.
All of a sudden your self-esteem is down and the world has nothing to offer you anymore. You simply wish to vanish. Then the worst thing happens: self-pity. The ugliest soul torture. Worthy of despise feeling.
Human beings are that fragile. Words are fearful weapons. Beware.

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Angeline said...

I was sure Shakespeare has made an appropriate comment... But 'alas' I can't find it.

Thoughts are fearful weapons too (they feed the words) So beware twice;)