Saturday, August 8, 2009

The 3 Magi from East reloaded

In the Christian tradition it is said that baby Jesus was visited after his birth by 3 Magi (or 3 Kings from the East) to give him some special gifts. Gaspar - gold, Melchior - frankincense and Balthasar - myrrh. They often are overlooked (though much respected in the popular belief) and none of the Gospels or other writings left us more information about their roundabouts and who they really were.
Fascinated by them and having no intention of making a preposterous blasphemy I gave them personalities and to be on the safe side different names, too.
I shall start with the myrrh bringer (symbolizing the suffering, among other things) - Varkansi. He is the wisest of all, with a mind like a rare diamond, tough, as he hates being vulnerable, strong, untouchable, though generous to a certain point, always in search for perfection, never happy, with mind-blowing depths. He stabs you without any mercy, but you hear his heart crying. Varkansi - the bearer of pain and sorrow. He carries his heavy burden with indifference and he is doomed to be madly loved and hated in the same time.
The frankincense bringer on the other hand, Salopil, comes with the shinny power of prayer. He spreads love, light and flowers. He is pure, shy, and clumsy, with beautiful, honest eyes and he would not hurt anybody. He trembles for any human being grief. He offers himself without second thoughts, but he always remains lonely. When his soul crushes, he does not despair, as he always finds the will to go on, by asking God's help. The magic of his prayers makes people smile and this is how he makes the next step. He is doomed to move on until he meets his God.
Well, the last, but not the least, Setimakan, runs all over the place with his golden gift of virtue, kingship and certitude. He is warm, kind, balanced, laughs a lot at everything, he pokes on Varkansi's seriousness and Salopil's genuineness, but always with a tear in the corner of the eye. He is the rock on which everybody holds with gratitude. He does not mind at all, as he realizes this is the reason he lives for. His helping hand is always there and he just needs a sign to bring you down to Earth. He is doomed to be never forgotten.

Having said that I hope for each and one of you to meet the 3 Magi from East (in dreams if not otherwise), as we all need them, even if we do not know that.