Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Match Made in Heaven

Time has come to talk about a film which turned into an addiction for me. Its not my intention to make a proper review as I cannot be objective when heart is completely involved. Rabne Bana De Jodi gave me many headaches and I would not give details for safety reasons, but the fact that such a film cannot be found here says a lot about this. All in all, it was only the 4th view that included everything (quality, soundtrack - yes you read well, soundtrack! -, subtitles, etc.)

The movie, starring Shahrukh Khan as Surinder 'Suri' Sahni and Raj (Kapoor!), Anushka Sharma as Taaniji and Vinhay Pathak as Bobby Khosla and directed by Aditya Chopra, receieved bad critics, but also very warm ones. I guess the bad ones came from people who could not accept the fact that the heroine cannot literally recognize her husband after he suffers a complete change of style - from a normal, shy, clumsy, boring man to an over the top, joyful, lighthearted, flirty, crazy guy. Maybe this was not the most brilliant convention chosen so that the plot could elaborate from, but it is still a convention. Once you admit this, the beauty of the movie can really make an impact on your soul.

I will not talk in detail about the story, the characters, the cinematography, the soundtrack or the fact that the flick is a cornucopia of Hindi movies references but I will highlight some scenes and moments in the bullets style:

-the ordinary sneakers image when SRK gets down from the train followed immediately by the brilliant red of his wife's wedding sari is the moment when we realize tough times are coming for our hero.
-the big kitchen hosts one of the most delicate and humorous shots in the movie - the red rose placed back again in the vase.
-Punjab Power lighting up your life ji. Extrapolating a bit the Punjab Power is in fact the love energy that lightens Suri's otherwise grayish and ordinary life.
-Suri's first victory - the yellow food box and the amazing song of Haule-Haule (incredible lyrics).
-Accha, accha short jingle marking intelligently certain moments/intros.
-Meri love story bana de yaara scene where the entire craziness starts and where Shahrukh shows for the first time in the movie how many things he can express only with his eyes and thin smiles.
-Raj's flamboyant and hilarious motto invented on the spot (and of course in "full version"): Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Hum hai rahi pyaar ke, Phir milenge, Chalte Chalte (Never Say Good-bye, We are travelers on the Path of love, We'll probably meet again soon - these are approximate translations and mainly based on the official sources like Wikipedia and imdb) mixing shamelessly the titles of more or less iconic movies very well known to Hindi movie watchers.
-Raj's cool and "too silky smooth" T-shirts and goggles. :)
-Raj's idiotic but heart melting obsessive expressions - mafiji, sorryji, never again or Taani partner Hello dear Never fear Raj is here.
-"Romance to dance Hindi Film style" song item - one of the most entertaining and colorful tribute to the history of Hindi movies I have ever seen.
-Shahruk's schizoid monologue just before Intermission and the beautifully shot fall of a single teardrop.
-Dance pe chance item song - addicting and smiles inducing moments. Always remember me of teenage hood crazy times.
-Gol-gappas eating contest between Raj and Taani where I also found the cutest flaw of the movie. Shahrukh with wedding ring and without it within the same scene.
-The Dhoom style bikes confrontation immediately followed by Bobby's explanations regarding the macho attitude.
-Raj's confusion related to Rakhi bandra and no macho issue.
-Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai item song. What more beautiful love declaration than tell someone "I see God in you"? It’s so impressive, as such love cannot be found in real life.
-Suri's ridiculous fight with the Sumo guy. Critics dismissed the scene as it lacked humor. Well the thing is it was not intended to be funny, on the contrary. Maybe its the most realistic scene from the entire movie. Many times we find ourselves doing stupid gestures so we could impress the one we love. The way Suri makes a fool of himself almost hurts you like a knife cut. Those who loved and were not loved back can better understand and relate to this otherwise useless scene.
-Suri and Taani dancing in the competition. The robotic moves as well as the expressionless faces unfolding one more time the story and the basic misunderstanding.

Thank you Suriji for letting us with the hope that someone might love us more than God. And I am sure if this thing ever happens, God won’t get upset.


Saif said...

very well written as always..yeah many of us could not accept the fact that the heroine cannot literally recognize Mr.Suri but thats what story is about :)
my fav part is when the red rose is placed back again in the vase

Satyadarshini said...

I loved this movie..went to watch it with Mom when it was released a year back I guess. We enjoyed it....and I connected to it for sure. Infact today I was saying Mom why ppl go on the media reviews to decide if they like d movie and cant just see it from their own perspective. Its gonna be on TV in d weekend and was seeing the promos...thats when I got into a discussion with Mom...
Strange when I read ur blog I read abt it...and not only wat I had in mind but more...more depth...