Saturday, July 28, 2012

The new normal...until it lasts

I wake up, as always, not welcoming the sunshine, but the bitterness in my soul.
You already have breakfast chit-chatting with whoever is around.

I crawl to my coffee machine with an empty look.
You surf the Internet and laugh about the latest posts on Facebook.

I smoke my lungs out, trying to decide if I stare at the walls or do the laundry.
You take a bath and groom yourself.

I move from the living to the bedroom, standing still near the bed.
You turn on your ipod and leave your home.

I keep staying near the empty bad.
You walk with enthusiasm and happiness is flowing from every step you make.

I go to the bathroom to watch myself into the mirror. Too ugly a vision.
You smile and your heart is beating faster.

I come back into the living and check my emails. I wish I could call my mom, but I can't.
You take the train and your smile is even bigger. 

I go into the small kitchen and make myself smaller in a corner on the cold tiles.
You arrive at the destination and your body and soul are in peaceful harmony.

I manage to stand up and search for another corner to hide and find a reason to breath.
Your entire being is now reacting with thrills when seeing the object of your desire.

I finally let out a mute cry that could break all the glass in the world.
You make love and forget about anything.

I repeat the process.
You keep having fun.  


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