Friday, December 14, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Day 14

Last night dream was a peaceful one up to a point. Showered in a dark mysterious green light.

The first lines I saw in my daily 5 minutes morning coffee reading:

"The dream was green, Bran, and the green dreams never lie."

What do I encounter when turning on my laptop?

Blinding green neon.

This is when I understood why the dream turned into a nightmare, once the ugly appendix came into the picture.

I remembered how I cried for your loss couple of years ago in December.

Far away from you, helpless I could not be there to support you.

What did you do this December?

The so called religion was just a facade.

Or too weak to temper the grossly disgusting demands.

One day of work washed away because I forgot to save anything.

Do you want to keep these auto-saved documents?

I clicked No.

Because the shock sinking in cancelled even the most elementary functions of my intelligence.

Thank you.

For this and also for the permanent nausea.

I appreciate your gifts so much that I really want to repay you equally if not more.

Appalled with the increasing quantity of evilness that surrounds you.

But I admire the sleekness and the strangling force.

Do you know that some female cockroaches only mate once and stay pregnant for life?

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