Thursday, December 13, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Day 13

The lack of minimum human decency continues.

F***ing awesome!

So for this I was thinking of the best curse ever.

May you remember me every day for the rest of your life.

While I can talk about you, you will not be able to.

As you are in a willingly chosen cage.

The striking thing of the day was the ugliness. I mean shit ugly.

No make up or gold or diamonds could hide it.

The next item on the list: the lie which blinded everybody.

It hurts, isn't it?

It should.

The knots of hatred are growing in number.

The still uncleaned mess you created and the consequences that will come.



The moment when you realize the liberating power of unrestricted anger.

The face to face discussion with a person who sees the sparkling light in you.

Wow moment.

Red Christmas apron with white fur.

Blocking without mercy.

Mourning your death.

Everything starts now.

Be prepared for the past ghosts and skeletons.


neocamusnut said...

December seems to be pretty bitter this year.

And I like the free verse.

Thais said...

@neo This year entirely has been very ugly. But October, November and December freaking could kill anybody. Honestly I don't know how I manage. O_O

I didn't even realize I was using the free verse. These are things that come out of me just like that. :)