Thursday, December 6, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Day 6

Commedia dell arte was an exaggerated and too elegant term.

Cheap circus for others to enjoy and gossip about is more appropriate.

2-3 hours of staring, while taming the new wave of anger.

Discussing the meaning of death rituals.

To bring order to the chaos created.

To deal better with the angst.

Men who still know how to compliment in good old fashion style.


Conspiracy signs.

The advantages of having a technical background, too.

More precisely to know that a machine is not just a machine.

To assess the risks in a bigger perspective.

People looking up to me for a change.

The unimaginable pain of a mistress who cannot see one more time her dead lover before the funeral.

The knots.

Vous etes malade?

Ugly hand-writing.

Empty postal box.

So late for everything.

The change of heart just a very bad illusion.

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