Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Day 11

Throwing up for one hour straight. You sick f**k.

The amount of snow outside is unbearable.

Dragging myself to the doctor.

Decided to tell mom the whole story.

Her curse is way stronger than mine.

Your today jokes and your lack of minimum decency will turn into your nightmare.


The plumber did it this time. After scratching his head for one hour.

It's warm inside.

It helps with my permanent shaking.

Choosing black clothes for tomorrow. One cannot mourn in pink, right?

Common friends still entertaining the Mimosa Pudica? OUT.

When they see with whom they are dealing, they will understand.

My plant died over night. So did my soul.

I have nothing to lose anymore.

Watching over your shoulder?

You better.

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