Friday, December 7, 2012

Doom's Day Diary - Day 7

A hysterical person from first hour in the morning.

Trying to get rid of the black dog image in my dream. Kicking its teeth with so much hatred.

Unexpected call of support just to be told that I am loved.

Heart still running around in the chaos of pitch blackness.

Life still goes on as if nothing happened.

Discovering new gmail options.

The psychology of the Dark Passenger.

My favorite taxi driver picking me up from the bus station and giving me a ride home.

Free of charge.

His genuine question: How is pappa?

Yogurt cakes.

Blinding white.

Stating what I want and I will never get.

Squeezing even more stuff for an insane busy week to come.

No news from my best friend.

Mom trying to dig into my distress and absentmindedness.

More tears shoved deep down.

Brownish hair color.

Too serious for dramatic changes.

But the blonde is on its way.

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