Friday, June 26, 2009

A tribute to Michael

I remember the times, when listening to Western music was a crime in our country. When communism used to block everything that came from outside. When the tapes and cassettes represented hard currencies. Michael Jackson managed to push away all these barriers and charmed our lives for good.

I was in love with him... His music and his performances helped me a lot during the teenage hood hardships. I grew up sane and responsible due to his values, kind soul and professionalism - though at that time I did not know this word, I understood the seriousness of each and every effort he made to meet his fans’ aspirations and expectations. He did not spare any tear, any sweat drop to reach perfection.

Like many others I thought I had a special connection with him and that is why, in spite of my friends' mockery, I always used to tell them: "Just wait and see, one day he will come to Romania". Of course the idea was utterly absurd, given the communist circumstances. But my dream and my conviction proved stronger than anything. December 1989 Revolution took place and we became free. In the beginning of 1992, first rumors appeared about his presence in Romania.

The miracle happened and I smiled. The feelings and emotions in the concert Michael put up for us cannot be described as words are too weak. Jacko had this incredible gift to split himself in thousands of pieces and giving himself to every person cheering for him. You could feel him hugging you and sharing his being with you. It was an incredible experience that marked my entire life. I saw then children, young people, old women, old men, from all walks of life, crying like babies.
I am so sorry for those who could not see him in flesh and blood, as the blessings of such magic moments cannot be bought.

Shortly before his death, Fred Astaire said: “I didn’t want to leave this world without knowing who my descendant was. Thank you Michael!” In a black June day, The King of Pop said good bye to Earth and joined Fred in the unknown. Let us imagine them both doing a tap dance for show must go on, even in Heaven.


ayswarya said...

Loved the tap dance part.. :) I missed out all the years not reading your blog.. i promise i'll catch up soon..

Thais said...

I wasnt much of a blogger in the past. My posts were very rare as Twitter was eating much of my time back then. :) But thank you dearly for reading. :)