Sunday, June 7, 2009

Epiphany in Munich

Yesterday I went for a second day "tourist" in Munich. The weather forecast was bad - heavy rain. But I was lucky and the sun was shining for couple of hours while I was wandering around. Heading to Asam Church (which is quite impressive, if you like late baroque or rococo architecture), my colleague wanted to share with me a view of a great garden (Hofgarten if I remember correctly, if not spare my mistake).
Approaching one arch side-entrance, the perfect quietness was broken by the notes of a violin. In the beginning, I thought there were some hidden loudspeakers, but I was so wrong.
Somewhere under the columns a man was playing Paganini. I went closer to him and I listened. The beauty of his interpretation made me cry. I experienced a rare state of grace. Time stopped and the world seemed to have become a concentration of sounds.
My tears were genuine and I did not wipe them away. They were a gift for a man who managed to touch my heart with such a force.

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