Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movies on fast forward

If someone had told me 10 years ago that one day I would do such a sacrilege to watch movies on fast forward,I would have probably been outraged. Who, me? People, I practically grew up in the cinema hall, as my parents worked their entire life in a cinema. My oldest memory IS from a movie: a cut head rolling down a hill. I guess it was Richard III with Lawrence Olivier. Every important moment of my development is tagged with a movie. I am a flick marathonist. I cherish and breath films and I have a great respect for everybody in this industry, from the extras, cameramen, props, to the directors, producers and actors.
And here I am in 2009, watching movies for maximum 1 hour and if they do not grasp my attention, I use the FF option on the player. Is it because I do not have patience anymore? Is it because the number of released movies is too big? Is it because of their quality? Is it because there are no new stories to be told? Or is it because time is too tight?
Sometimes I feel ashamed, sometimes not.


ayswarya said...

It is just because you have started seeing the reality and understand things better.. There is no need for you to be ashamed sweetheart. Its all part of growing up.. Seriously i have no idea how old you are, so i'm not sure if this is appropriate.. if u r younger than me then well good.. else just ignore!! :)

Thais said...

I cannot believe you ended up reading up this post. :D As for me being younger than you... Hah! By comparison, Im an auntie. Still hot and young at heart though. LOL