Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran and the right to a better life

In the beginning I watched the Iran elections just as another happening. It was not like people were waiting for a huge surprise. The change was in the air and Moussavi seemed to be the natural choice of Iranians.
But no way. We have been reminded that human race is still a wild beast. When things were getting worse and first news of protesters in the streets hit the Internet I turned to CNN. Bang! CNN was quiet. Just cold and neutral articles, no passion involved. At that moment Twitter went on fire and it still is on fire. The entire twitterverse became green.

There are several tweeple from Iran who keep us updated as journalists and TV channels cannot keep up the pace with the events. UN and the other big international organizations are almost driving people crazy with their silence and lack of action. The governments adopted the policy "If I ignore the problem it does not exist". Waiting probably for Obama to be more than "deeply troubled"?
Lives were taken, but Iranians chose the right to a better life so now they are simply joining their hands in the street, without shouting, without violence.

Fear and hope are the only things left for them at present. Let's not close eyes and be by their side at least with our good thoughts and prayers. Let's keep #iranelection a trending topic until the sun will shine again.

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