Friday, June 10, 2011

This and that...

As I said some days ago on Twitter, I will share some of my thoughts on some books and movies I have been dealing with lately.
Because of my chaotic life in the last 3 months, I could not focus on serious I grabbed anything at hand without thinking too much about quality, fame, must read/watch, etc. So here they are in an absolute random order.

1. Marian Keyes - Rachel's Holiday

Supposedly chick lit from what I heard, the book focuses on a young woman who is a drug addict. She lives a sweet life in New York, doing nothing, going to parties, pouring all kind of drugs in her, then leaving for Ireland in a rehab center. Everything beautiful, but unfortunately the character seemed surreal to me. Maybe because I am coming from a country where normal people coming from normal families work their asses to move on from one month to another.

2. Craig Russell - Eternal
Crime fiction with a slow pace and lots of good information about Hamburg. It also made me check the most famous mummies in the world. The killer had some pretty gore MO. Entertaining reading. But not for beginners into thrillers.

3. Philippa Carr - The Black Swan
PS. No connection to the movie. And because I respect any writer, I say this is a very good material to be used for translations. You learn the basic - Give me that, go there, the sky is blue, etc. Brilliant from this point of view.

4. The Killing - TV series (Season 1)
Saw 10 episodes on a Sunday. I couldn't move from the couch. A mix atmosphere of Twin Peaks and Harper's Island. Finally a police woman who is not attractive at all and makes you like her for her coldness and apparent normality. Gloomy weather all the time. Depressing music and story. Awesome.

5. Fringe - TV Series (Season 3)
Guys who are doing Fringe are from another planet so help me God. Watched all the episodes (20 something)in 2 days and a half. Didn't eat much. The episode where the characters turn into comics heroes - pure genius. After X Files, the best Sci-Fi touched series ever made.

6. Black Swan - the movie
This was a thing made for Natalie Portman, who is doing her job perfectly. No question, no doubt about it. The climax image when the black swan gets to life is so clicheic that it can blind anybody. Music - superb. Schizophrenia and the path of the artist toward perfection were supposed to impress me. But nope. All in all a good movie, but trying to throw at me an art movie subject dressed in an alluring dark, mysterious commercial blanket did not manage to convince me.

To be continued as always. :)


Shakti_Shetty said...

First of all, Moni, good to see you back in the blogworld!

Secondly, I LURRRVVVED Black Swan!.. of course, the movie. :D ...I wasn't even aware of the book with the same title but now I am, thanks to you.

Thais said...

@Shakti I knew you would like Black Swan. It is so for the young troubled people. :P But once you go through the biggest part of your life, things do not seem so impressive anymore. :)