Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Tudors and other games...

Topic number 1

Well...I managed to see them all... The Tudors - 4 seasons... in one week and a half. Most probably one of the best historical TV series ever made. In the beginning I was so reluctant... I saw so many movies/plays about Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII...that I said to myself...why should I give this a try?

After a few slow paced episodes I got caught. For good. Yes the actor has nothing from the real Henry in physical appearance, but oh boy...he is a treat for the eye and soul. The story stretches the facts as they were narrated by the chroniclers of the time and often it gives some fancy explanations, but each and every image is a masterpiece (music, scenery, direction, script)...

After I saw the last episode, I read for almost 6 hours everything about Henry's England. What a joy and what a pleasure. This is how history should be taught in school.

Try it and then search the portraits of his six wives and let yourself fascinated by their lives and destinies.

As a conclusion - Anne Boleyn wasn't a slut at all. Neither a witch. Just a very intelligent and educated woman, who did not realize unfortunately how hysteric and paranoiac her husband, the king, could be. And that costed her head.

PS. I do not understand why Henry considered Anne Cleves ugly. By comparison, Jane Seymour and Katherine Howard (who were considered beautiful) are ugly like hell. Just check their portraits and you will see. But I guess men's tastes in women will always remain a mystery.

Topic number 2

This prolonged weekend I finished The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins. Phewww...what a ride. Ate it in 2 days all together. It is supposed to be a sci-fi for juniors...teenagers. The style is simple, without fancy stuff. Characters slightly unbalanced. But the narrative thread simply keeps you turn the pages and sometimes skip lines just to see what is happening.
This is again another proof that people, no matter their background or education always yearn for stories, for tales to be told and heard... It is written in our DNA.
Recommended even for those who smirk.

To be continued...


Adee said...

we are born storytellers and listeners...remember how have we invented our gods and myths

Shakti_Shetty said...

"Recommended even for those who smirk." ----> Heck of a way to recommend! FTW.

I've read so much about Tudors (the TV series) on net. Even downloaded the first season, but never watched a single episode thanks to cinematic watch-delete-download inclination!

Since you mentioned Anne Boleyn, "The Other Boleyn Girl" was the closest I got to her character. Even in that movie, they portrayed her as the *bad* one as against Scarlett Johansson's good Mary!

Keep updating us, Moni!

Thais said...

@Adee... this book made me realize a good thing - the stories and the hunger for them will never die. :)

@Shaktee... Try The Tudors. Its a hearty recommendation especially for a movie conaisseur like you. I can put my hand into fire you will not be disappointed. :)