Sunday, February 20, 2011

A "must see" list of Romanian movies

First of all let me tell you that Romanian cinema, like all the other Eastern European cinema schools, knew its glory during communism years. Most probably because of censorship, creators were forced to find brilliant metaphors, enough cryptic to trick the censors, but enough suggestive to be understood by the mass audience. Romanian cinema is not an easy one and it requires an open mind, a great deal of knowledge in art cinema and a very high level of sense of humor.
After 1989 just a few movies could be compared with what was made before that. They will be listed, too as the directors deserve an applause for their efforts to adapt to an all of a sudden freedom of expression.
I will not make any comments on the movies and I will simply list them in an arbitrary order, letting you discover in time, the most incredible actors you have ever seen (without exaggerating, some of them can really tower Hollywood big names).

*Actorul si salbaticii (1975) - (Actor and the Savage)
*Adela (1985)
*Atunci i-am condamnat pe toti la moarte (1972) (Then I Sentenced Them All to Death )
*B.D. series. (B.D. intra in actiune, B.D. la munte si la mare, B.D. in alerta - Brigade Miscellaneous Steps In, Brigade Miscellaneous in the Mountains and at the Sea, Miscellaneous Brigade on the Watch)
*Balanta (1992) - (The Oak)
*Bietul Ioanide (1979) - (Memories From an Old Chest of Drawers)
*Cei care platesc cu viata (1991) - (Those Who Pay with Their Lives)
*Cel mai iubit dintre pamînteni (1993) - (Earth's Most Beloved Son)
*Ciuleandra (1987)
*Cu mîinile curate (1972) - (With Clean Hands)
*Cuibul de viespi (1986)
*De ce trag clopotele, Mitica? (1981) - (Why Are the Bells tolling, Mitica?)
*Faleze de nisip (1983) - (Sand Cliffs)
*Filantropica (2002) - (Philanthropy)
*François Villon - Poetul vagabond - (François Villon: The Maverick Poet)
*Glissando (1985)
*Ilustrate cu flori de cîmp (1974)- (Picture Postcards with Wild Flowers)
*Ion: Blestemul pamîntului, blestemul iubirii (1979) - (Ion: The Lust for the Land, the Lust for Love)
*Moara cu noroc (1955) - (Mill of Good Luck)
*Morometii (1988) - (Moromete Family)
*Nea Marin miliardar (1979) - (Uncle Marin, the Billionaire)
*Nunta de piatra (1972) - (Stone Wedding)
*Occident (2002)
*Operatiunea 'Monstrul' (1976) - (Operation Monster)
*Osânda (1976) - (The Punishment)
*O Vara de neuitat (1994) - (Unforgettable Summer)
*Padurea spânzuratilor (1964) - (Forest of the Hanged)
*Padureanca (1987) - (Forest Maiden)
*Pas in doi (1985) - (Passo Doble)
*Prin cenusa imperiului (1975) - (Through the Ashes of the Empire)
*Rascoala (1965) - (Blazing Winter)
*Reconstituirea (1971) - (Reconstruction)
*Rochia alba de dantela (1989)- (White Lace Dress)
*Secretul lui Nemesis (1985)- (Nemesis' Secret)
*Senatorul melcilor (1995) - (Snails' Senator)
*4 luni, 3 săptămâni şi 2 zile (2007) - (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days)
*Tanase Scatiu (1976) - (A Summer Tale)
*Train of Life (1998)
*Ultima noapte de dragoste (1979) - (Last Night of Love)

I'm not saying these are the all-times best Romanian movies, but once you get through them you can have an exhaustive image about what Romanian cinema means and a green light to all the other jewels that are hiding. Bookmark this blogpost and come back and let me know your opinion once you have seen some of the above movies. :) Enjoy.


Shakti_Shetty said...

This list proves how little I've acquainted myself with Romanian cinema except a very recent gems... thanks for the list, Moni and KEEP WRITING. :)

Andi said...

Moara cu noroc, Ciuleandra, Osânda şi filmul cu Birlic, Două lozuri...

Thais said...

@Shakti How many of them have you seen by now? :P :P
@Andi Ahhhh... filmele cu Birlic... le-as pune pe toate. Unfortunately they are TOO Romanian. Like Caragiale. :)