Monday, February 27, 2012

The end of stories?

This is the post dedicated to everybody who dropped by and read my stories.

I started writing them 2 months ago as a personal therapy option. In the process great things happened, great comments I received, much love and appreciation I felt. And I am grateful to each and everyone of you who spent parts of their precious time to visit this blog and read.

Unfortunately, the magic that helped me "survived" all this time faded in the last couple of weeks, and writing became a pain catalyst. Therefore, the stories will end for now here. It is not an easy decision and I hope you will understand me.

If by any chance, though I stopped to believe in miracles long time ago, faith decides to give me that bit of happiness that helps people keep going with a smile on their face, I shall be back.

But at present, there is no crossroad ahead and no light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you.


Yiota Luyu Ladybird said...

I cant express how stunned and sad i am right now...We will miss your stories, i do hope there is something we can do to make you change your mind...I was waiting for new ones, we all did. It was our every day wondering, what new things your beautiful mind will have to surprise us... I hate to think you are giving up. Be a pirate. Be a warrior. Be a fighting fairy. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, kid. You just have to keep your eyes wide open...

Pallav said...

Take your time, take a break, take a long break, write some poems, write your thoughts, it doesn't always have to be stories :) But express yourself. Never stop doing that. Stories are just one drop in the ocean. There are so many ways to make people feel.

Stay beautiful :)

Shakti_Shetty said...

You've got a gift, Moni. So you know what to do, right? ... yup, keep writing.

Thais said...

@Shakti I will. For now I had a much needed break. Those 2 first months of craziness almost exhausted me. :) But I will be back. :)