Sunday, June 10, 2012

Have you been X-Filed yet?

Why would anybody in 2012 would write about a TV series that started to be broadcasted in 1993 and finished 10 years ago? Maybe because in the last episode the most awesome villain in a TV series, The Smoking Man, speaks about 22nd December 2012 as being the start of alien colonization? Or maybe because all the other TV shows and even movies made after that year got their inspiration from this pool of magnificent topics episode after episode?

I have re-watched lately in a slow rhythm all 9 seasons and though in the market there are other productions with super technology involved, I must say, X-Files has no similar counterpart. Its unique atmosphere and the background red thread story (the mother of the mothers of conspiracies) still resists the test of time. I am writing this post for Fringe fans for example, for Eureka fans, for Matrix fans, for the young generations who have no clue who Scully and Mulder are.

I don't believe that there is an untouched weird, bizarre or paranormal subject out there not being depicted by this series. You can find everything in it: alien abductions, brainwashing, shape-shifters, man-beasts, lake monsters,  ghosts, spirits, artificial intelligence, clones, wicked kids, pyrokinetics, lycantrophy, serial killers, reincarnation, subliminal messages, killer bugs, spontaneous combustion, fetishists (oh boy, Donnie Pfaster is one of the creepiest psychos ever. :D :D), voodoo, horse men, alligator men, Navajo codes, hackers (the Lone Gunmen are the first true geeks in the history of TV, amazing and delightful guys), religious killings, the butterfly effect, men without mouths and eyes (no, this was not a Matrix invention, sorry), genetic name it!

And though it is quite difficult to choose from so much epicness in one place, here are my all time favorite episodes.
-Irresistible (season 2) - starring the above mentioned fetishist (painted nails and cut fingers came from X-Files dearest Dexter fans).  
-Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (season 4) - wanna know who killed JFK? :)
-Never Again (season 4) - where you meet the sexiest speaking tattoo. Voice-Jodie Foster. Enough said.
-Small Potatoes (season 4) - the dream of any man. :D
-Unusual Suspects (season 5) - when we finally find out how Mulder met the Lone Gunmen in 1989; priceless tech fairy, with pre-historical computers and stuff. :D
-The Post Modern Prometheus (season 5) - the most sensible episode of all; when we see who the real monsters are and where Cher plays an important part of the story. :)
-Chinga (season 5) - with a creepy doll. "I want to play" will haunt you many days after watching it. No wonder. Stephen King wrote the script. :D
-Bad Blood (season 5) - about vampires. 50 minutes of non-stop laughing.
-Triangle (season 6) - shot in Hitchcock style, it is a jewel. I would add time travel, second world war, and Bermuda Triangle.
-How The Ghosts Stole Christmas (season 6) - a haunted house on Christmas night, only 4 characters. Stairs that disappear, opening doors and getting into the same room, over and over again. You got the idea. :)
-Arcadia (season 6) - for the fun of seeing Mulder and Scully impersonating a married couple.
-Orison (season 7) - because the nail fetishist is back. :D

If you are a fan of the X-Files, please drop me a line and tell me what is your favorite episode. I would really love to find out what actually ticked for other people. Thanks a lot for reading. :)

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I wish i'd all the episodes of x-files with me!