Monday, August 11, 2014

Forbidden fruit?

I have said it many times: I don't understand women who are attracted by married men.

I mean, ok...there is a chance of 0.000000000000000000001% when super-chemistry occurs and you indulge yourself in the "I have met my soul-mate" unrealistic story. But even then, you get involved... one night, two nights and then you back off, hide the experience in the beautiful memories pocket and move on.

What I don't get is the woman who actively  pursues the married man. Suppose such type of females has hunter or predator characteristics. If so, why would you go for such a lame prey? Without being disrespectful to you, guys, a married man is already caught, tamed and settled. He has already been devoured. At least in parts.

Why would you be the second in line? Why? Why reaching for crumbles? Not mentioning that these are chewed crumbles, impregnated with another woman's saliva.

Why would you stupidly hope he will leave your wife for you? Huh?

I am giving you a practical example. Let's imagine for the exercise sake. A man is using a laundromat, which is right next to the shop where his favorite beer is sold. Tell him that a new laundromat on the other side of the city is open. A cheaper, more colorful, faster one. He might try going there out of curiosity a few times, but, in the end, he will give up and uses his close to home well-known place.

If for such a simple thing, he will not change his habit, why do you expect from a married man to totally screw his personal life?

To me, being around married guys is the best place possible. I am comfortable and behave naturally, because married men, no matter how handsome or brilliant they are, do not tickle in me the urgency to prove myself as a woman.

They are cool, they are my bros. 


Rajeev Singh said...

Well said. Monica, men put a high premium on a woman's virginity, her body, her losing 'it,' harbouring thoughts like the one you have mentioned regarding women's view of married men - Not mentioning that these are chewed crumbles, impregnated with another woman's saliva.

I didn't know women too were so affected with (or obsessed with) the idea of physical ownership. Aren't women more emotional creatures?

Thais said...

@Rajeev Hi and thanks for reading... A clarification is required. The italic sentence you mentioned needs to be read figuratively, and not literally. As for women being into physical ownership, hah! Try to cheat on your girl or wife and see if she is ok with you belonging to another one. :D The only thing about which women do not give a damn is the man's virginity. On the contrary. The more experienced the better. But once you are with a woman, you need to stay with her or she will chop your head off. :D