Friday, November 30, 2012


Remember this day. As one of the most shameful days of your entire life.

The day when you did something so grotesque, that the dictionary doesn't even include a word to describe the situation.

The day when the displayed behavior is phony. As if nothing happened, though we know better the truth.

The day when you stepped on a human being, mercilessly.

And it's not about what you did. And it's not even about how you did it. But for what.

The day when even the curses died, as, shocked as they were, couldn't find their way to the lips.

The shame that marked your being today is so shining in dark hues, it is so hurtful, and so huge, that it makes me cry.

It makes me cry for who you were and what you became in one single day.

The day when the shame burned your flesh and my soul in one go.

Remember this day. Because it gave you the ugliest scar. And you will walk with it on your forehead for the rest of your life.

Hiding it in plain sight.


TS said...

Every sentence hit its mark so well.

Loved the new template, btw. :)

Thais said...

Thank you, Tan. For appreciating the elegance of my words in hitting and slashing and demolishing. :) As for the template, I guess it's more relaxing for reading. :-*