Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Miracles Doers

We didn't ask them to bring us into this sometimes ugly world. But they did hope the best for us.

We did not always listen to their words and advises. But they kept talking to us even when we did not pay attention.

We forgot to call them or when we did we dispatched them with the speed of an express letter. But they kept waiting eagerly to hear our voice even when our lips were too busy sharing words with strangers.

We disliked their old views and their desire to see us growing like them. But they did not give up on us, when we failed and fell.

We outraged when they commented on our relationships. But they understood when our hearts were broken and they didn't judge us.

We no longer remember to play with them. But they will smile and their eyes will shine if out of the blue we will jump in their bed as we used to do when we were children.

We no longer cry in front of them when we are hurt. But they will know when we do and they will keep their tears hidden and instead they will cook food for us or they will pester us with silly questions.

The frown on our forehead, even when invisible, touches their heart in ways only known and felt by parents.

It is a terrible grumpy, cloudy and rainy day here. I called my dad who is in the hospital, thousands of kilometers away from me, and talked to him. At the end of the conversation, he told me:
"Look, don't worry, I will send you a piece of sun from here. Catch it."

Believe it or not, exactly one minute later the rain stopped, the skies split and a blinding sun poured thousands of warm rays on my window. I guess parents are the Gods of this world and the miracles doers.

Love them more. Now.


Vivek said...


Thais said...

Now dear Vivek this smile says a lot. :) Thankeee. :)

Anonymous said...

Came straight from your heart :)

Thais said...

@Aru Yes, it did. Without much thinking or analysis. :-*

KoE said...

I loved reading this one. Identified. Thank you.

Thais said...

My dear @KoE I don't know about identification, but as long as you felt it close, this is awesome.

Dexgle said...

yesterday, a close friend of mine said to me that i dont care about my parents/family members. It sucked because i could not disagree.

Thais said...

@Dexgle Im sure things are not that bad. Time will change your perspective. I am sure about that.

TS said...

The definitely are the miracle doers. You know what, I think I'll call my mum now. :)

Thais said...

@TS :) Mum answered and was happy? :)

TS said...

Mum was sleeping and got annoyed. :P