Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buffy or our vampires related prejudices

This is a post dedicated to those who haven't actually seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series) or to people like me who tried couple of scattered episodes and they didn't understand anything or simply dismissed it, being a thing with vampires and a blonde chick who kicks their asses.

Well let me put it shortly. Buffy is not about vampires, witches or demons. Buffy is also not about the good beating the bad.
Buffy is about heroes with flaws and monster with hearts. Buffy is about friendship and the bad things we do to our friends, just because sometimes we take them for granted and forget we have to listen to them, too. Buffy is about the painful process of taking the right decision and about forgiveness. Buffy is about redemption and sin. Buffy is about betrayals. Buffy is about impossible love and normal love, which sometimes we have the tendency to despise as being too dull. Buffy is about books and the powerful knowledge they bring. Buffy is about family life with all its ups and downs. Buffy is also about the pain of losing the dear ones and watching helpless how they go into nothingness.

Who would have expected such depths from a TV series with a non-generous title...perfect for our harsh mockery? Guess what? Give it a try and you will rediscover basic emotions. You will rediscover the pleasure of an incredibly well woven story. You will fall in love with the humor of the situations, you will love and hate vampires like Angel and Spike (interesting names, no?), you will giggle with demons like Clam or Anyanka, you will fear the awesomeness of a witch like Willow, you will fall for the goofy, big-hearted and valiant friend like Xander and you will suffer along with Buffy's hurdles to keep balanced a world at peril.

Simply enjoy Buffyverse. You will thank me after that.


Adee said...

oh no! my girl is obsessed with the true bloods and vampire diaries and their Indian clones!
and now my friend recommends buffy as well :)

Andi said...

I've missed your blog..., now I understand why. :)

Thais said...

@Adee... :D In the meantime I became a fan (in deep secrecy) of Vampire Diaries, too. :P What can I do? Undressed of my "intellectual" aura, I am a simple sucker for romance. :P

@Andi Missed like in longing for brilliant posts (LOLOLOL) or missed like in "Damn, this chick has also a blog? Hmpfff" :D :D :D

Andi said...

Sadly, I don't have as much time to read blogs as I used to :(
And your blog is amazing...

Good night!