Thursday, October 30, 2014


Discipline is maybe one of the hardest things to get in life. Why? Because we are lazy, we dont feel like doing something repetitive, we get bored easily, there is always something better to do, even if it's just staring at an empty wall.

What is worst is that you need to be disciplined in all sorts of things! In monthly or regular reports, in paying the bills, in going to gym, in eating healthy, in updating your Facebook profile, in taking selfies, in drinking water, in educating the kids, in visiting God. All over discipline, discipline, discipline...

I know you resent it, but I have a small challenge for ladies especially, though men will thank me too if they can go beyond prejudices.

Discipline the way you treat your skin. Yes, you heard me well. Some of us have beautiful skins, due to our genetic inheritance, but even in such cases, skin will never get younger (don't believe in exaggerated commercials).

Skin gets old like any other organ. So why don't you try for one year straight to fight with time a bit and see the results? Deal? Deal.

Well, first of all, no matter how busy, in a hurry, tired or not in the mood you are, you must follow the next regime.

Every day, in the morning and in the evening:
-clean your face (use a separate cleanser for eyes and lips)
-tone your face (with a toner, depending on what your skin feels good with, preferable without strong alcohol ingredients)
-moisturize your face (one cream for the day, one for the night)

Once a week (use it on Monday morning and you will thank me), instead of the cleanser, use a peeling product (water based and with very fine abrasive micro-particles).

Also once a week (do it on weekend, when everybody is out, or when you want to have fun with the kids), apply a mask (plenty of options in the commerce, but if you want even more fun use stuff you have in the house like honey, chocolate, eggs, yogurt, etc). Use the mask between cleansing and toning.

After one year of strict discipline, you will thank me for the good looking skin.

It will be a moment when you realize that actually discipline turned into pampering. 

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