Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sometimes, we need life to push us back a little bit in order to move forward. Otherwise we find ourselves stuck, trapped, limited within our boundaries. And then we indulge ourselves in the warm daily routine: wake up, the morning coffee, the traffic to our job, then calling some friends, going home, taking care of kids, the pets, watching some TV, Facebooking, Twittering, Orkuting or whatever and then the sweet bed.
It is true, for many people in the world this picture sounds like a perfect thing, especially if you are homeless, jobless and all the other „less”. But this is not the point, as one day, „bang!”, it hits you: you lose your job, you lose your house, you do not have money for school, you get ill, you are stolen, your spouse betrays you, you fall, you cannot feel anything...
That moment you ask God or life or the world or your friend: „Why me?” „Was I so bad?” „Did I made anything wrong?” „Is it faith?” Unfortunately we will never find the answer. But the beautiful part is that we can do something, we gather our strengths to find a solution, we suddenly discover that we have a big power: to think and to do something about it. The result might not be the one we dream of, but we accomplish something more important: WE MOVE.
We free ourselves in the searching process and we learn new things. It’s up to us if we become better persons, but the chance has been given. So, folks, let’s move, let’s do something new, it doesn’t matter what. Either is helping a neighbour, or taking a new course, or talking more to the children, or reading an author we do not like, or joining a volunteer organization, or learning a foreign language, let’s do something new.
We have one life, as far as we know, and it would be such a pitty to waste it without trying all the things it has to offer. Life is smart; don’t get angry with it when it pushes us back in order to move forward.


Aditya ! said...

Amazzing post!! Really motivating.. keep writing such wonderful stuff..

Punkster said...

That's so wise!
You're right my friend!

Life is that strict teacher or that bitter medicine.

It makes us fall , to lift us up!

Just like Bollywood movies, everything becomes good in the end!


Thais said...

Thank you @Aditya and you @Punkster. Never thought such things will touch some hearts. :) Aall izz well, na? :P

Diana Lee said...

The best of advice for anyone sister! I know, I've been there and done that :-) Keep writing!